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Big Daddy Road Show Adult Comedy Talk Podcast

What is the Big Daddy Road Show? 
Good luck answering that one F'ers! Depends on the Day! Comedy, Talk, (Serious and Silly) and Music... (and one heck of a fan page on Faceboob!) See Below.
Big daddy is the main character and proprietor of the Big Daddy Roadshow adult talk and comedy podcast where he's soon to have over 10,000 members and followers.
Special Guests Visit Often and All Subjects are Covered!
Big Daddy is not just growing a show for people, but a family where just about anyone can fit in. 
With music, comedy, and talk genius (ha! OK.. Some days! Maybe!  On good days!) including varieties of entertainment such as the mid-week hump day top 100s podcast, a weekend Rock Show, Mail from the Bench, and Sunday Chill "Facebook live feeds" on his extremely active fan page group on Facebook. On the SundayChill he focuses on what the members want to chat about from the week before and the upcoming!
In spite of all the challenges involved, His disability, etc, he is exactly what a great show host ought to be; sensible, good humored, lively, whitty, current, sarcastic, and almost always pumping much happiness.  He's a cup half full positive energy kinda character.
He brings joy to the masses with such ease Says Cassie, of Georgia - USA. (She donates much time on the fan Group Page - Thanks Cassie!!!  You Rock!) 
The Fan Club! (Free to Join!) 
You can reach the BDRS on Facebook at, Twitter at @BDRSpodcast, or Instagram at bigDaddyrocks11
Thanks for Listening and Please Tell some Friends!

Oct 25, 2017

Queen of Gore Returns to the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast.

Big Daddy is back with BDRS regular "the Queen of Gore" talking Facebook and Hollyweird Creepers and more.

Creepy Crap Going On in Hollywood.

Also BD mentions the new FaceBookLive talk shows now in production. Sexfessions, Fabulous, Get Real etc. coming in...

Oct 1, 2017

Is America at War in 2017?

Did a war break out in America?  Why all the pissed off humans?

Yuk! Politics! Yuck!

Hate in America! Antifa.

Where did all the mega hate come from?  Antifa, I'll admit - I know nothing about other than they look super pissed off.  So what's the deal.. Hit BD up in the comments! What's with...

Sep 29, 2017

Picks for Baseball Teams Making the 2017 Playoffs

Is your team in the Hunt?  Big Daddy's is NOT!  Max, his Yankees have a shot! (But it's a long shot, let's face it, Max!)

Talking American League and National League Playoffs 2017

It's pretty much all Major League Baseball talk on this Road Show SPECIAL, on our 2017 MLB...

Sep 27, 2017

Coping with and Finding Help for Child Abuse Victims

Report Child Abuse - and find professionals to talk to immediately is Big Daddy's advice.  It's not going to make the pain go away and there will be issues to deal with - some will be really hard.  Hopefully, you will have a support group and great family and...

Sep 25, 2017

Sports Podcast talking NFL Pro Football Protests, Baseball and Wrestling Too

Big Daddy sits down with Tony Kapper, filling in for cousin Max and talks sports.  Baseball, Wrestling and all items NFL pro football protests.

NFL football Kneel for Justice - Baseball picks for world series and wrestling talk too. (Kapper...